Memorial Marker

We decided to place a Memorial Marker where Michael died.  When we arrived, three storm cells circled the site of where we were about to placed the marker. Then suddenly the thunder and lighting circled us in all directions.  As soon as the marker was placed the storm drifted away.  The Marker is a 5 foot steel post with Mike's birth sign; Taurus the Bull on top.  To place the marker we brought 180 pounds of cement along with ten gallons of water and a post digger. The marker is located on state route 375; mile marker 33, outside Rachel, NV. It's ironic that Michael was 33 and that his birth sign was "Taurus the Bull"   Special thanks to Phil Coward to help me place the Marker and was there for me.

Entering ET Highway

The long road on ET Highway

A huge strom is approaching.

Lighting nearby

View to the North

View to the West

View to the East

The famus Flying Saucer

Alien Inn

Beautiful downtown Rachel, NV

My rental before the Carwash

After 3 times through the carwash

Recent Picture

Someone stop by and placed a rock at the Marker.