The Adams's Cup

2005 Champions - Brian C.
2004 Champions - Gabe M.

Well there's always next year!

Michael David Adams

The start of the season. (look at all the smiling faces)

  The Mike Adams Trophy

Gabe (the person who was responsible for the Trophy) Way to go Gabe!

The Commissioner  (Tim) presenting the Trophy to Brian (Way to go Brian)

  How sweet it is....

The celebration begins!

Glad you made it back Gabe!

2005 Draft Order

1 Julie "Twocutedogs"
2 Chrissy "agungagalunga"
3 Kerry "kerrybe"
4 Brian "2005 Champ"
5 Tony "Mike's Bombers"
6 Jeff "Ballinger"
7 Gabe M. "1OUT"
8 Tim "The Commissioner"
9 Gabe G. "Pappa Bear"
10 Sean "I.M.A. Winner"
11 Dave "Teh Winner"